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Hello! My name is Tori Rice and I am the owner of The Golden Dream Productions. I work as a local Cinematographer in Austin, Texas but can also work in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio as a local. I am working to move to Los Angeles in the near future to expand my Cinematography career. I love to paint, draw and sculpt, which has really helped me to understand lighting styles, moods and color. I hope to expand my knowledge and to one day join a Cinematography Guild. I love to inspire others and show them that anything is achievable if you work hard and push yourself past what you thought was possible.




I currently have over five years of on set experience as a Cinematographer, 1st AC, 2nd AC, Camera PA, Editor and Colorist. Working on short films, feature films, commericals, Live T.V. and T.V. Shows. I am very much a visual learner. I loved to be organized and have everything planned in advanced so there is no confusion while filming. I usually draw story boards and bird eye view diagrams of lighting set ups so that the Director and Crew can understand the look I am trying to capture.


Camera Gear:

-   Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k

-   Rokinon Lenses ( 24mm,35mm,50mm,85mm)

-   (x2) 256G cards

-   Manfrotto Tripod

-   Hand Held Rig

-   Wooden Camera Matte Box

-   Gold Tiffen Filters ( 1/2,1,2,3)


Sound Gear:

-   GH5 Zoom Recorder


Interview Gear:

-   Gray Backdrop (10ft x 15ft)

-   (x3) Backdrop Stands ( Can Go From 3ft - 10ft in length)


Lighting Gear:

-   4 Bank Kino Flo

-   (x1) 600w Fresnel

-   150w Fresnel

-   (x2) Florescent Light Banks

-   (x3) Ikan LED Panels 

-   (x2) 1k Mac-Mini Tungsten 

-   (x5) Baby Stands 



Grip Gear: 


-   8ft x 12ft Light Grid

-   2ft x 8ft Muslin

-   4ft x 8ft Muslin

-   5ft x 8ft Muslin

-   4ft x 8ft Duvetyne 

-   4ft x 8ft Duvetyne

-   4ft x 12ft Duvetyne 

What is The Golden Dream Productions?

The Golden Dream Productions was based on a short film I directed and wrote. About our insecurity and vulnerability as we become older. Being an artist can be the most rewarding job but also the most difficult job. Since there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to art. It is all based on other peoples opinion and as artist we constantly throw a little bit of ourselves into ever project. Slowly over time a little more of us gets chipped away and not just from others but from ourselves. I wanted The Golden Dream to be an uplifting but realistic way at looking into a mirror. We may change the way we look at ourselves being consumed by the judgement of others,  but we will always truly know who we are and where we stand. As an artist I will never stand down. 

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